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Namba Gear Machu Sling Bag (Best Interim DJ Bag Available?) - DJ Tech Reviews

It’s no secret that there are a lot of different DJ bags or backpacks on the market today, many of them stressing either storage utilization, size, or ease of use and comfort. That doesn’t seem to be the case here with the Namba Gear Machu Sling Bag. Rather, they instead seem to want to give a bit of all three.

I’ll be the first to say that I’m a fan of excelling at one thing rather than being just “ok” at several.

However, when looking over what Namba Gear put in front of me, I have to say that it was clear they at least seemed to know what they were doing.

Is the Namba Gear Machu Sling Bag decent? We’re about to find out.

The Machu Sling Bag isn’t the most comfortable bag nor is it particularly spacious enough to be a one size fits all bag. What it does seem to focus on is being the best interim bag on the market, offering enough storage to handle your essentials while keeping a low profile and letting you get in, do your show, and get out.

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When first pulling the DJ bag out of the box, one of the things that immediately drew my attention was its small size and single-strap design. I actually remember carrying a bag that looked a lot like this in the early 2000s, so it was a bit of a nostalgia trip.

On the other hand, I have to say that after the nostalgia wore off, I was sitting here looking at this small bag and wondering exactly what I was supposed to do with it. Don’t get me wrong. You’re going to fit a laptop and a controller in here no problem.

But that’s kind of it. I don’t see you fitting a mixer or a particularly large DJ controller in here along with all your cables and cords and headphones.

I imagine you “could,” but it’s going to be a tight fit.

The Machu Sling Bag uses military-grade nylon material that, like many other Namba Gear bags, has made a name for itself by being super resistant and resilient. Here, we’re talking about water-resistant as well as resistance to most cuts and abrasions.

The bag also has some rugged zippers that won’t break apart too easily.

From a design standpoint, the bag, as mentioned earlier, comes with a single main strap that you can use to carry it along your back. Outside of this body strap are two carry handles.

One of the handles sits at the top of the bag while the other sits on its side.

This means you can carry the bag in one of three ways, giving you a bit of fun variety. And because of its small size, you can easily carry it in any of these three methods without worrying about straining your body too much.

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From a feature-based standpoint, the Machu Sling Bag further emphasizes its smaller size by showing the different ways to stuff your gear inside without it being too cramped or troubling. The bag comes with two main compartments as well as a third pocket for super small items like keys and phones.

The two main compartments are structured where the bigger of the two can comfortably fit a moderately sized DJ controller or laptop. The compartment is padded and has a large storage area and zipper pocket to hold your things.

The second, smaller compartment isn’t going to hold anything nearly as big, instead featuring a netted zipper pocket and ideal for holding things like headphones and various cables, and USB flash drives.

Essentially, this is a perfect option for either a laptop/controller combo or a pair of CDJs and a mixer although this would be pushing it on how much space you’d have.

The third pocket is a small accessory pocket that isn’t meant to carry much of anything. This is ideal for holding super small things like a smartphone or a pair of keys.

While some DJs swear by the inclusion, I’d much rather use that space for padding since I usually am wearing pants with a ton of pockets.

Still, if you aren’t wearing pants with pockets, this may be a great option for considering.

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So what is our verdict on the Namba Gear Machu Sling Bag? As I mentioned earlier, I’m someone that likes a thing to focus on one area and make it excellent instead of focusing on several and just being “alright” everywhere.

That’s kind of what Namba gear have done here.

It’s certainly not a “bad” bag by any means, and its durability is worth mentioning. However, it’s really not meant for much outside of plug-and-play DJ experiences.

If you’re like me and want to take everything with you besides the direst of essentials, you’ll want to check out some other bags.

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Alongside music, Dexter is a cat nut and a through-and-through family man!

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Namba Gear Machu Sling Bag (Best Interim DJ Bag Available?) - DJ Tech Reviews

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