Childhood cancer touches every community. There is plenty to be done to aid those kids who are battling this devastating illness. Optimist International has given over $1,000,000 to Johns Hopkins Hospital to find cures for Childhood Cancer.

Additional Programs are in place to help children in high school to continue their education. These include the Young Texan/Texanne program and Optimist International sponsored Oratorical and Essay Programs. These programs provide college scholarships to the winning participants. Our scholarship programs provide additional opportunities to assist children with their college costs.

As the challenges that children face continue to evolve, so will our programs.

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Helping kids in today’s world is a responsibility we all share.

The Ft. Sam Optimist Youth Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization supporting the programs of the Optimist Club of Fort Sam Houston.

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Ft. Sam Optimist Youth Foundation
c/o Rick Coleman
8700 Crownhill - Suite 802
San Antonio, Texas 78209


Executive Director - Rick Coleman
Director - Letty Dietes
Director - Betty Gower
Secretary/Treasurer - Jack Hopkins


Optimist Club of Fort Sam Houston
Optimist International

The fund raising efforts of the Fort Sam Optimist Youth Foundation, a tax exempt 501(c )(3) organization, support programs of the Optimist Club of Fort Sam Houston which help youth. The Optimist Club of Fort Sam Houston is affiliated with Optimist International.

The Fort Sam Houston club was chartered in 1971 and has been involved in many activities including the following. Renovating the miniature golf course at the Fort Sam Houston Youth Center. We subsequently participated in a miniature golf outing with the Fort Sam children.

We hold a Christmas Party each year for the pediatric oncology patients, their families and staff. This event has been very rewarding and the Club looks forward to this event each year.

Volunteering in the After-School Program at the Fort Sam Houston Youth Center assisting children with their homework.

Organizing Bicycle Safety Rodeos at various elementary schools in conjunction with the San Antonio Police Department. This program teaches children about public safety.

Sponsoring and judging children in oratorical and essay contests with scholarships for winners.
Most recently we have initiated a relationship with the Fort Sam Houston Pediatric Hematology Oncology Unit. (BAMC/SAMMC) Our CCC (childhood Cancer Campaign) has been quite successful to date. We are currently involved in several ongoing projects related to our Childhood Cancer Campaign

Secured a grant from NCOA/NDF which has helped to pay for new audio/visual and computer equipment in the pediatric oncology unit. This includes computer programs, children’s videos and internet access for the children at the hospital
With financial support from NCOA we paid for a child’s funeral who had died of cancer.